safety products

Safety Products

Genta Medical services all major UK hospitals

Genta Medical supply a range of products & services to assist laboratories in their effort to ensure that staff are not exposed to harmful vapour levels in excess of statutory Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs).

Genta Formalin Neutralising Mats

Genta Formalin Neutralising Mats ABSORB and NEUTRALISE Formalin!

They are Ideal for:

⇒ Grossing & Autopsy ⇒ Tissue Transport ⇒ Surgery

⇒ Tissue Storage Area ⇒ Specimen Receiving ⇒ Derm Labs

Available in Two Different Sizes:

Ideal for cut-up of medium size tissues, e.g. gall bladders and appendix.

  • Line shelves, storage and transport to absorb formalin & fumes!
  • Working surface 152mm x 356mm
  • Absorbs up to 200ml of 10% Formalin


Ideal for cut-up of large specimens, e.g. uterus, breast & colon.

  • Line shelves, storage and transport to absorb formalin & fumes!
  • Working surface 230mm x 532mm
  • Absorbs up to 400ml of 10% Formalin

Formalin Neutralising Mats

Mats to be the safest, most effective method of controlling the air quality associated with the analysis of formalin fixed specimen on the 1998 Columbia Shuttle STS-90 NEUROLAB.

♦ Genta Formalin Neutralising Mats are effective moist or dry.

Genta Formalin Neutralising Mats
FNMS08Small 150mm x 350mm pack of 8
FNMS48Small 150mm x 350mm case of 48
FNML06Large 200mm x 600mm pack of 6
FNML30Large 200mm x 600mm case of 30

Chemical Monitoring Badges

Genta have sourced a range of passive dosimeter badges to provide a simple and effective method to monitor the vapour levels to which staff are exposed. The badges provide continuous sampling for personal monitoring and provide the readings required under Government regulations. The badges are simply clipped onto a technicians clothing and left in place for 8-hour or 15-minute time periods. The badges should then be returned to Genta for analysis at a UK laboratory. Results will be provided promptly once analysis is complete. The certificates of analysis carry the UKAS logo showing that the laboratory is fully UKAS accredited for the compounds involved. Furthermore, a UKAS accreditation certificate for the laboratory is available on request.


The UMEX 100 Passive Sampler for formaldehyde is designed to measure average formaldehyde levels using diffusion. It can be used as a personal or area monitor. It is constructed of tough polypropylene and contains a tape impregnated with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) for reliable collection of formaldehyde. It has a simple to use on/off sliding cover. Conforms to EU ISO 16000-4-2004. 2ppb limit of detection.

Analysis included. Store in Freezer.



Chemical Monitoring Badges
FRM300Formalin Monitoring Badge


Vapour Monitoring Service

Genta Medical can offer a Monitoring Service for laboratories to assess vapour levels where changes to the layout, equipment or circumstances within the laboratory have led to concerns over potential exposure to hazardous chemicals.