Genta Medical services all major UK hospitals

A range of formalin formulations are available, from convenient ready-to-use 10% Neutral Phosphate Buffered Formalin and Formal Saline solutions to Concentrated Formalin preparations where storage space may be an issue.

Neutral Buffered Formalin (NBF) 10% V/V – convenient and ready to use working solution.

Neutral Buffered Formalin (NBF) 10% V/V
BFN0101 litre
BFN0252.5 litres
BFN0505 litres
BFN25025 litres
BIB10L10 litres bag-in-a-box
BFN10L10 litres

water purification equipment

Formal Saline 10% V/V – a high grade clearing agent for less brittle tissue.


Formal Saline 10% V/V
FSO0101 litre
FSO0252.5 litres
FSO0505 litres
FSO25025 litres
BIB10L10 litres bag-in-a-box
FSO10L10 litres

Special formulations and other container volumes are available on request.