Genta Medical services all major UK hospitals

Genta services all major UK NHS Hospitals. All our drivers are ADR trained and we usually only use our own vehicles for delivery / waste removal. This ensures regulatory compliance and a first class service. However, in an emergency courier deliveries can be arranged.

Deliveries and waste collections are usually made at the same time to save staff time and money and to maximise vehicle utilisation and minimise environmental impact. We will contact you up to one week prior to delivery / collection to determine your order / waste collection requirements.

If you require a collection or delivery outside of our regular delivery routes please call or email us for more information.

Telephone: 01423 358128
Fax: 01423 358126


Hazardous Cost Information & Urgent Deliveries By Courier

Hazardous fees may be charged according to the delivering carrier’s policies. Please contact customer service to determine if the product you are ordering is classified as hazardous for delivery purposes.


PLEASE NOTE: All of our chemicals should be handled only by qualified individuals familiar with the potential hazards of the chemicals.

Solvents and FormalinsDeliveries for UK NHS Hospitals